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Your Future is Bright with Fulbright

The Fulbright Program is a nationally competitive scholarship designed to increase mutual understanding between the U.S. and the world through intercultural exchange. Founded in 1946, the Fulbright Program provides grants to graduating seniors, graduate students, early career academics, faculty, and higher education administrators to teach English, study, work or conduct research abroad.


U.S. Student Program

For UC San Diego graduating seniors, graduate students, doctoral students and recent graduates.


U.S. Scholars Program

For UC San Diego faculty, doctoral students, Unit 18 lecturers, staff and postdocs.

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Foreign Student Program

For international students who want to pursue a graduate degree at UC San Diego.


Foreign Scholar Program

For international academics and researchers who wish to come to UC San Diego.


UC Partnership with Fulbright Taiwan

Affiliates of UC campuses have a unique opportunity to apply for a Fulbright Taiwan English Teaching Flagship Award. This opportunity would allow TEFL educators and Fulbright ETA alumni an additional year to teach English in Taiwan. This is an exciting experience for those looking for more time overseas for culture immersion, professional growth, and teaching impact.


fulbright taiwan UC system
Fulbright student in Argentina

UC San Diego Fulbright Alumni

Former Fulbright student and scholar grantees are well-represented across UC San Diego's community of learning. Learn more about Fulbright alumni currently teaching and working on campus. If you are a Fulbright alumni, we want to know! If you completed a Fulbright during your tenure at UC San Diego or prior to coming to campus, visit this page with instructions on how to share your experience with us!


Diversity and Inclusion

A hallmark of the Fulbright Program has been its longstanding commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). The Program strives to ensure that Fulbright reflects and values the diversity of U.S. society and societies. Equally important to diversity is inclusion. Fulbright takes steps to ensure that the Program’s diverse participants have successful and rewarding exchange experiences.