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Democracy Reform in California: 
Voting Rights, Recall and the Electoral College

Voting rights are important to all Americans. This webinar focuses on current issues in California and the challenges to our democracy during the past year in the forms of mis- and disinformation, gerrymandering, and voter suppression. Additionally, panelists will discuss the progress California has made to build a more accessible democracy, including details on landmark laws that make access to voter registration and voting easier, and data showing whether or not those reforms have really made a difference. Additionally, drawing on data from the UC San Diego Yankelovich Center Survey on Recall Reform, we will discuss what voters thought about the recall process this year and what the prospects are for reform over the next year.




Scholar Session

This session focuses on the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program and the different opportunities available for faculty, post-docs and staff through the Catalog of Awards.

Click HERE for the PowerPoint Presentation.

Student Session

This session contains information for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in a Fulbright award to study, teach, conduct research, enroll in a graduate program and more!

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Writing Workshop

This special session provides useful tips and tricks for students on how to write a high-quality and competitive Fulbright application.

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Click HERE for a one-pager on how to best tackle the Fulbright application personal statement.


Adventure and Adaptation: A Goal-Oriented Journey
Toward Resilience Through Stress 
with Bryce Carlson, Ph.D.

Our Virtual Speaker Series brings a great opportunity to gain insights and learn from a renowned athlete and scientist who will be sharing some of his personal and scientific insights gained while running 3,100 miles across the United States and rowing 2,000 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean.

View Dr Carlson's PowerPoint Presentation HERE

About the Speaker:

Bryce-Carlson-cropped.jpgDr. Carlson is a Guinness World Record holder, educator, scientist, coach and ultra-endurance athlete with more than 15 years of experience in higher education and adventure around the world. As Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Purdue University, he studied the dietary environment of wild chimpanzees in Sub-Saharan Africa and applied those insights into the study of human evolution. He has also pursued a passion for exploration and personal transformation in the world of ultramarathon running and rowing. As of 2021, Carlson has completed more than 150 marathons and 25 ultramarathons, including a 3,100-mile stage race from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, and a World Record Breaking solo unsupported row across the North Atlantic Ocean.

To find out more about Dr. Carlson and his incredible story, visit

Click HERE for the slides and HERE for a supplemental article.   

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